International Plaza for rent in district 1

Please contact: Ms Julie  0933 235 111


Property Type Condominium For Lease
Transaction Leasing
Location 343 Pham Ngu Lao street, District 1, HCMC
Driving time to CBD CBD
Parking Basements
Unit sizes 94 – 108sqm
Number of bedrooms 1, 2, 3 bedrooms
Furnishing condition Fully furnished
Rent period 1 year
Asking rent 1,100 – 2,500USD/month
Availability Instantly moving


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Structure: The property is a 18 storey building includes 2 basements and 18 storeys on the ground (ground floor with mezzanine, 17 floors and 1 terrace with roof technical area).
Land area: 1,746.2sq.m. Total net floor size: 21,076.3sq.m.

– 1st and 2nd basement have area of 1,518sq.m and 1,464sq.m (total: 2,982sq.m) and are used for parking, underground pool, technical area, store and security.
– 1st floor (1,012.2sq.m) is for commercial and service area, way to basement, transformer station, indoor parking, yard, exist way, and some outdoor parking lots.
– Mezzanine (639.3sq.m) is used for commerce and service.
– 2nd floor (839.1sq.m) is used for 1 room of art performance, gallery as well as cultural exhibit and 2 conference rooms.
– 3rd floor (834.7sq.m) is used for swimming pool, sport center, public services as kindergarten, medical center, community area and etc.
– 4th floor (760.3sq.m) is for management official and office for lease.
– 5th floor (878.1sq.m) is office area.
– 6th – 18th floor (918.7 X 13 = 11,943.1sq.m) are apartment area.
– Terrace (1,013sq.m) area roof technical area.

Apartment: The building supplies 91 units with many sizes 94.7sq.m, 98.2sq.m, 100.6sq.m, 102.1sq.m, 106.4sq.m, 107.4sq.m for type of 2 bedrooms and 150.6sq.m for type of 3 bedrooms.

Facilities: There are 57 parking lots for car and 403 lots for motorbike, commercial and office area, swimming pool, clubs, public services, fire alarm and fighting system, lightning prevention system and trees.


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